To fall in line with our European operations we are now introducing to the UK market our new Towing Frame System -

With our experience from 24 years of Towing Frame design & manufacture, we can now offer our customers the same quality and security as before but now with removable fittings on the front of your tow-car, that, when removed will leave the front of your car virtually unchanged.

CAR-A-TOW  Folding Towing Frames are very easy to use.
The frame simply fits to eye bolts protuding through the lower grille in the front bumper and locked into place using the security pins supplied. The simple operation to attach the towing frame, connect the braking system, plug in the electrics and attach the number plate, should take no more than 2 to 3 minutes……

The CAR-A-TOW  system is a fraction of the weight of a trailer, it doesn't need a parking space on site or at home, and costs less than a trailer. Plus, there is less weight on the rear suspension of your motorhome, dramatically improving your payload over the use of a trailer.

Caratow System

The original concept of the CAR-A-TOW  System was to enable motorhomers to tow small, basic and lightweight cars such as the Ford KA, Peugeot 107, and the Smart Car, etc.

Over the years motorhomer's requirements have changed, in particular, the vast choice and sophistication of the cars they now wish to tow. Today, customers require CAR-A-TOW  systems to be designed for an ever-growing list of new and sometimes unusual models.

As the world's car buying public demand more up to the minute designs, the car manufacturers meet that demand with a constant flow of new and revised models. In order to try to keep up with the requirement for so many new models to be towed, it has become necessary to devise an effective way to provide the design and fabrication service these many new models now demand.


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